Health Mental Health and Addictions

We will create a Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions.

BC NDP 2017 Election Platform Page 27 April 20, 2017
In progress
Jul 2017

New Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions aims to tackle B.C.’s opioid crisis

Global BC July 18, 2017

At Tuesday’s swearing-in ceremony in Victoria, B.C. Premier John Horgan introduced his new cabinet, which includes a brand-new ministry aimed at tackling the province’s opioid crisis.

The Ministry of Mental Health and Addiction will be helmed by former health critic Judy Darcy.

It could prove to be the provincial government’s most complex file.

Even though a minister is in place and a deputy minister (Doug Hughes) has been named we are not satisfied that a "ministry" has been created. We will update this promise as completed if/when the BC Government website is updated with ministry information and the BC Gov directory is updated to indicate the ministry is staffed beyond the two people indicated right now.