Economy Poverty Reduction

We will reduce the depth of poverty in BC by acting immediately to raise all income assistance and disability rates by $100 per month.

BC NDP 2017 Election Platform Page 40 April 20, 2017
In progress
Jul 2017

B.C. Premier John Horgan hikes welfare, disability rates days after swearing in

Toronto Star July 21, 2017

VICTORIA—British Columbia Premier John Horgan is making good on his campaign pledge to hike income assistance and disability rates by $100 a month.

The policy takes effect Sept. 20 and will be the first time the welfare rate has increased in a decade.

“Raising the rates is only the beginning,” Horgan said in a statement Thursday. “Our government is committed to bring forward a comprehensive poverty-reduction plan to lift children and families out of poverty.”

Horgan Promised a 60 day implementation period, so this promise might be complete on Sep 20, 2017. Check back with us then.